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Avocadomolina Product

Avocadomolina has created an organic product from high quality Hass avocados, from the valleys of Longotoma, Chile.

Hass avocados are the most popular variety and the best-adapted species of avocado. They have naturally evolved to produce the fruit all year around, elimination seasonal fluctuation in availability.

The oil produced from the Hass avocado, provides health benefits to an individual, by the amounts of phytosterols which lower the cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing absorption in the intestines. It's high level of vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, stalling the brains aging process, with a fantastic taste.

Only the most modern cold first press process is used, which gives this oil its silky texture and rich avocado flavor, and maintains its aroma and emerald color without the need for additives or preservatives of any kind. Oils are produced under the international regulations for organically grown products, and the orchard dedicates itself to growing only the best quality organic avocados. Avocadomolina oil is certified organic by the US and European Organizations.

Aside from being great on salads and in salad dressing, avocado oil boasts a very high smoke point, and is therefore excellent for use in cooking, sautéing or stir frying. Avocado oil resists temperatures over 482 degrees Fahrenheit (250 Celsius), much higher than many other oils. Try this avocado oil in any recipe where you may have used olive oil, it's a great and healthy alternative.

The CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH) certifies that the Avocado Oil is produced in compliance to organic regulation