Three avocados arranged over three leaves Avocadomolina Extra Virgin Avocado Oil oil bottle with half an avvocado in front of it



Bottles of oil with country side background
Prawn dish with avocado oil
Hass Avocado tree


Avocadomolina extra virgin avocado oil has a delicious flavor and a mild aroma of fresh avocado, as well as a beautiful emerald color. It is ideal for use in the preparation of elaborate dishes, since it enhances the flavor of food without masking or disguising it.

Avocadomolina extra virgin avocado oil is delicious as a salad dressing and the preparation of cream-based soups and sauces. It is also excellent for cooking and frying, especially for sautéing vegetables and seafood and for browning fish and meat. Its high smoke point allows it to maintain its quality even when subjected to high temperatures.

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